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A Bathroom Remodel can be a daunting task to complete without professional help. We have a network of Bathroom Remodel professionals are ready to furnish you with your Bathroom Remodel Quote. We complete an average of 50 bathroom remodels each and every month.

Bathroom Remodel Styles and Idea’s

Trends change so it is crucial that re-modelers change with the times and offer clients a multitude of styles and products.
The latest trend is for bright rooms with clean lines. Subway tiles are a very popular shower wall covering with white shower bases and chrome fixtures. This combination offers a sterile look that is always uplifting when you are showering.

Victorian baths have been around for over a 100 years and had all but disappeared until making a comeback in the early Twenty-first century. The original design was in pure porcelain or cast iron, modern designs see them available in rigid plastic based materiel’s. Either way they are very well suited to the larger sized bathrooms.

Hand Basins have also changed with the times. the original oval shape although still available its popularity is dwindling. Consumers are now opting for the square shaped tight line models that are shallower. The square basins actually hold more cubic volume of water so the environmentally conscious consumer may want to think twice before opting for it.

Take all the stress out of your oncoming project by taking advantage of our FREE no obligation Quote service. Make your project fun not stressful.

Each Survey will consist of Four main sections.
1, The whole process will start with a detailed conversation with you to get anProfessional Bathroom Remodel understanding of what you require from your project.
2. The measure and visual survey are next, In this section the surveyor will measure your bathroom and make detailed notes of any potential alterations required.
3. The surveyor shall show you samples of Products for you to select from, giving you the honest pro’s and con’s of each product.
4. The last step will see the delivery of a quotation to you for the work needed, this price will include all permits and approvals needed to complete your project.